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Product Quality and Safety

We are committed to providing our consumers with safe and efficacious beauty and wellness products and services, which deliver results and with high quality protocols.

For Product Distribution, we work with well-established leading international brands such as Dermalogica professional skincare and Davines professional haircare which are sold in countries around the world and have internationally proven consumer results.

For our home brands such as Clinelle, we have an established suppliers’ qualification and selection criteria and only work with suppliers who are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified who can produce the safe and efficacious products that we aim to deliver to consumers. Our Clinelle and Nurish Organiq skin care products are all dermatologically tested and developed with our 7 No’s to ensure that the products are free from harmful ingredients which would cause adverse reaction to the skin.

For our AsterSpring professional skin care salons, we recruit professionally certified skin care therapists with CIDESCO or CIBTAC professional certifications in our markets such as Malaysia and Singapore, and focus on helping customers achieve their best skin health with safe and efficacious treatments and services. We also invest in ongoing education and training for our professional skin care therapists with the aim of continuously enhancing and improving our service quality and consistency. In our AsterSpring salons, we also use leading non-invasive skincare equipment from countries such as France, Germany and Korea to deliver safe and effective results.


Customer engagement

We value feedback from our customers and have established customer feedback processes to ensure that customer feedback or complaints are acknowledged and addressed. We have invested in digital solutions to better track customer feedback, and also take precautions to prevent and minimise occurrences of misappropriation our customers’ personal data.

We also believe in the importance of consumers having easy access to education and product information so that they are recommended or can choose the right products for their needs. To this end, we place importance on ensuring that our strategic partners and own brands have clear and transparent product information and labelling, and in-line with regulatory requirements for the respective markets which we operate in.

In addition, we believe in investing in making product information available to customers through multiple channels, such as on our websites, digital marketing and printed materials, so that consumers can better understand and have confidence in selecting our products.