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Our People

At EIG, we recognise and value the unique combination of talents, experiences and skills of each employee in driving our business success. We aim to promote an inclusive workforce with employees from diverse backgrounds with the skills and experience needed to bring us towards our vision and mission of being a leading beauty and wellness company in ASEAN and Hong Kong.

We focus on fairly recruiting, remunerating and promoting people based on merit, capability and experience and provide opportunities to our employees regardless of their age, gender, identity, ethnicity, race or religion. 

Employee performance is reviewed through a formal performance appraisal process based on work performance and achievement of agreed key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals. Employee remuneration is determined in the context of industry benchmarks and employees are entitled to benefits and other emoluments as stipulated by law.

Based on our industry nature in the beauty and wellness segment, we welcome passionate talents regardless of gender and are pleased to a positive employer of women with over 88% of our team as women. We also focus on recruiting locally in each of our countries.


Talent Development

To promote and develop our human capital to meet challenges, we regularly organise various training and workshops, including international trainers and speakers from countries such as USA, Australia and Italy to upgrade and enhance the skills and knowledge of our employees.

In addition, we invest in providing our technical teams with ongoing relevant training and skills development to ensure that they are able to provide a consistent level of customer service while also upgrading their knowledge base in-line with trends in the industry.

The Group is also dedicated to creating a positive workplace to enable our staff to achieve their best in work performance by providing the following benefits:

  • Medical benefits, hospitalization and surgical and personal accident insurance coverage;
  • Employee engagement events and festive gatherings to cultivate good bonding amongst employees;


Our Community

As one of the established leaders in the professional beauty and wellness industry, we work with leading vocational colleges and institutions as an official industry partner to provide training, certification and employment opportunities for students from various socio-economic backgrounds so that they can develop a career and generate a sustainable income in the beauty and wellness industry.

With our brand principals such as Dermalogica, we believe that our industry can help provide careers and financial independence for women and men, and that through our corporate outlets, independent salon and clinic partners and retail channel partners, we can have a positive impact on our community. 

We also have various corporate social responsibility programmes throughout the year.