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Our vision is to deliver professional-quality skincare, made with the finest clinically-tested ingredients to promote optimal and radiant skin health.
At Clinelle we believe true beauty comes when you are happy in your own perfectly healthy skin and we are committed to providing consumers with innovative and effective products, offering a wide selection of skincare and even body care range. We formulate and manufacture products using tinnovative technology from reputable manufacturing facilities abroad such as USA, Korea, France, Switzerland and others. This makes Clinelle a reputable and trusted brand in the market.

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happy & healthy skin with our 7No’s

Our products are 100% free from harmful ingredients, all Dermatologically tested and suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

NO ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES – free from allergens that may cause irritation to skin.
NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURING– decrease the risk of skin sensitivity and clog pores.
NO COMEDOGENIC INGREDIENTS – do not cause clogged pores and acne.
NO MINERAL OIL – reduce risk of acne.
NO SD ALCOHOL – do not strip of skin’s natural moisture.
NO LANOLIN – avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions on the skin.
NO PARABEN – reduce health risks


commitment to effective and safe products

Our products have been formulated with clinically tested actives to contain RX3 action to REPAIR, REFINE AND RESHIELD skin to optimise skin health and deliver visible long-term result.

REPAIR: to address skin concerns without harming the skin
REFINE: to boost skin health for flawless, radiant complexion
RESHIELD: to protect the skin from everyday ravages whilst nurturing the skin to its optimum condition



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